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Helping Heaven and Earth

January 22, 2013

ImageBarns Are For People, Too: A Kickstarter Campaign

By Farmer John Peterson

The pre-conference event of the National Biodynamic Conference at Angelic Organics this past fall felt like the biggest blessing the farm has ever received. It seemed that there were choruses of angelic beings rejoicing above us, while we humans were rejoicing below. On-farm education, farmer mentoring, and the social organism of the farm were the themes, offered in three separate all-day workshops. These glorious gatherings were brought to a close by Glen Williamson’s riveting performance of Kaspar Hauser in the loft of our main barn. We hosted 170 people that day, and provided lunch and dinner to all.

Participant comments:

“A wonderful place, inspiring, magical.”
“Thank you for demonstrating a model is possible and able to thrive that incorporates heart and healing in farm-based experiences.”
“An awe and wonder.”

Much of my life’s work has been to sculpt the farmstead into a social mecca, a wondrous, warmly inviting campus. Upon close inspection, one quickly sees that much needs to be done to keep the Angelic Organics farmstead moving properly into the future. This task is beyond my personal means.

ImageWe at Angelic Organics imagine staircases that are safe, roofs that don’t leak, and meeting spaces that are properly heated and cooled. We dream of a parking area that is not the farmstead lawn turned to ruts. We envision a social space in the upstairs of the former corn crib that is open to visitors as a library, lounge, and tea room (coffee, too!). We picture a stage in the main barn loft so we can host more theatrical events and concerts.

With proper infrastructure, we’ll be able to host more biodynamic and anthroposophical events. Thousands of Waldorf students and other visitors will have access to the new and improved farm buildings.

Our farms and our countryside ache for renewal. Consider supporting Angelic Organics Farm and the Learning Center in the cultural deed of building up Angelic Organics infrastructure, so that it can safely and graciously host thousands of people annually who seek to learn healthy stewardship of our land and of our communities.

Please pledge and share this link far and wide. We need a strong campaign to reach our $150,000 goal by Feb. 14.

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