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Vernon Hershberger Case Puts Food Freedom on Trial

May 6, 2013

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Consumers’ Right to Opt Out of Conventional Food Supply is at Risk

By Kimberly Hartke

Wisconsin, the state of cheeseheads and dairy farms, is putting raw milk on trial. Rather, putting private buying clubs for raw milk on trial. Dairyman Vernon Hershberger is a symbol of food rights and freedoms for all U.S. citizens. Vernon, through private contractual arrangement with 200 educated consumers in his community, has built a solid business model that sustainably supports his large family.

In a day and age where we have way too many people living off government largess, we have to ask ourselves, is it not the over-regulation of even private commerce that is hindering families from supporting themselves?

For consumers who obtain raw milk through private contract, this case is very significant. If the state of Wisconsin succeeds in making this father a criminal for his private concern, some raw milk activists believe the precedent could be used to hinder such dealings elsewhere. Cowshares, goat shares, Community Supported Agriculture, even sharing produce from your backyard garden could fall under scrutiny or be prohibited.

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  1. May 7, 2013 12:16 am

    I’m a very happy member of Vernon’s club!
    Naturally I want him to prevail in this case, continue farming (just as he has been) and producing some of the very best dairy products that I think humanly possible!

    I order as much product as I can from Vernon on a monthly basis, sometime twice a month. I have absolutely no complaint about any of his products.

    Then there is the matter of the legal attack by the State of Wisconsin.

    This is not the first attack against a farmer for providing nutrient-dense foods for his community. These attacks have been occurring for several years. Much has been said and much more can be said about what is involved with these attacks. I generally agree with the assessments that the source of the attacks originate out of the interests of mega food. I don’t think that is difficult for people to understand (unless they refuse to hear about it). What may be difficult to realize is that the legal reality here
    (and in many other cases) goes beyond the issue at hand and it is this legal reality that needs to be fully identified so that can it be as clearly understood as is ““the raw milk controversy”” (even though I have said there is no controversy about this real milk).

    As a friend of the farmers, a passionate American and a lover of humanity I am calling attention to the need to understand the true limits of governmental jurisdiction. This need for understanding is indicated by the statement:
    ““Dairyman Vernon Hershberger is a symbol of food rights and freedoms for all U.S. citizens””.:

    This statement essentially identifies all Americans as
    ““U.S. citizens””. As long as Americans (living in the United States of America) identify themselves as “United States citizens” they unknowingly volunteer into, what amounts to legally as, a foreign jurisdiction. That’s because when we talk about the legal realm we must understand the legal
    definitions and not rely on conventional wisdom for terms and phrases that we may use in our everyday or non-legal conversations.

    The term ““United States”” has several distinct meanings. The one that is most pertinent for or regarding ““United States citizens”” is the one that properly identifies that term (AKA “”citizens of the United States””) as per the “Fourteenth Amendment” (of 1868) in the ““Constitution for the United
    States of America”” of September 17, 1787. However, the “Constitution for the United States of America” of September 17, 1787 is just the fourth Organic Law and like the pillars in a temple, they all stand together. Most Americans know the first Organic Law: ““The Declaration of Independence””
    (DoI). However, there are two more Organic Laws that Ameircans need to become about as familiar with as the DoI. Otherwise the proper understanding for “United States” can most likely not be had. That is because the term has a very specific meaning given to it in the third Organic Law: “”Ordinance of 1787: The Northwest Territorial Government””
    (which was originally intended to be a temporary government but was made permanent via the Constitution of September 17, 1787). That is why I have repeatedly blogged on this particular subject at my CureZone Blogs (including “Son of Truth of Self”).

    We Americans have been schooled into believing that we are “U.S. citizens” because these individuals are legally subject to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress and by extension through all the (federal) “states” since they are under federal rule. Does Vernon live in such a (federal) state? It seems he thinks so and yet only he can say. If Vernon or anyone reads the four Organic Laws they can then follow the perfect logic that is articulated by
    my law professor Ed Rivera as to how the “United States” are actually the distinct federal territories, federal lands within the exterior boarders of the several states and other federal possessions that are subject to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress. As far as I know
    Vernon is not on federal land. He was born in Ohio and not on a federal territory!. He is truly a red-blooded American and a “free-inhabitant” in Wisconsin. (You’ll find the term “free inhabitants” in the second organic law: ““Articles of Confederation””.)

    “The people parish for lack of knowledge.” It is for this reason that the truth of the organic laws is deliberately not fully revealed to the American people. For with this knowledge we would realize that we already have all the Rights that we were born with, including the Right to be left alone (no trespassing by agents under color of law). But in order to assert those Rights we need to know the proprietary limits of government that are written in the organic laws; otherwise we are fooling ourselves by believing in the lies that every geographic location across the United States of America is only what the government wants us to believe it is.

    The truth will free you from all those lies! Read the organic laws and add substance, from the original source, to your stand for every farmer “under siege”.

    Chef Jem
    Posted: 5/6/2013 as a “comment” at:
    as a continuation of my blog re: “The legal impossibility of the charges against this farmer!”:

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