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Graindrops Launches in the U.S. Marketplace

May 22, 2014

By Rebecca Briggs
Communications Coordinator, Biodynamic Association

product_bottlesAs we reported on our blog back in 2010, an innovative company called Graindrops was seeking to get started in the U.S. marketplace. This month, Graindrops finally launched nationally through Whole Foods Market.

Graindrops produces a unique probiotic beverage that is both gluten- and dairy-free. It is made using a traditional Japanese fermentation process called Koji, the same process used to create soy sauce and miso. The rice Graindrops uses to make the Koji is 100% certified Biodynamic®. The company’s goal is to steadily increase its use of certified Biodynamic ingredients as the supply becomes available in the U.S. They have also committed to donating a portion of all their profits to support the work of the Biodynamic Association.

There’s a lot of exciting momentum in the Biodynamic marketplace right now, with Graindrops just one of a host of new and existing companies committed to Biodynamic agriculture. Our spring issue of Biodynamics, for example, shares the stories of several of these companies. (The issue is available to BDA members online and is arriving in mailboxes this month.) Demeter USA, the Biodynamic certification organization in the U.S., has been working actively to help grow the Biodynamic marketplace. They’ve connected with many interested national retailers and organic food companies and are now seeking farmers to grow certified Biodynamic foods. You can find out more about Demeter’s initiatives during several workshops this November at our 2014 Biodynamic Conference, “Farming for Health,” in Louisville, Kentucky, as well on their website and in their Spring Gazetteer.

And if you are a farmer growing certified Biodynamic® grains, Graindrops would love to hear from you!

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